Below outlines our refund policies, cancelation policy terms of service and conditions. Please note, our money back guarantee is only valid if the full invoiced amount is paid in full. Deposits are completely non refundable  and are used to secure the deal, program or service offered and is COMPLETELY NON REEFUNDABLE.  Please read further for more information.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our program that we proudly have a money back guarantee. If we are not able to schedule and secure a TV interview on a major network, we will refund you. However, this refund is only eligible if the client follows our process, is responsive, cooperative and provides the necessary information on time to schedule the booking. Additionally, this guarantee is not effective due to a client’s change of mind or otherwise. This money back guarantee is AVAILABLE TO CLIENTS WHO HAVE PAID THE FULL AMOUNT DUE, as our services cannot begin until full payment is received. If a deposit amount is placed, that amount is NON REFUNDABLE AND THE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IS NOT APPLICABLE OR VALID. The deposit is used to secure the deal, program, service offered and is COMPLETELY NON REFUNDABLE.


These outline the terms and conditions of the services being purchased by Client and provided by TV Interview Masters. Services will not be provided until the transaction is verified, the invoice paid in full, and an Agreement has been signed concurrently by the client. Upon receiving the FULL INVOICED AMOUNT (deposits only secure the deal, program, service and are NON REFUNDABLE), the Agency will undertake the strategy process immediately, arranging interviews with the Client and the journalist(s) and/or contributor(s) of the proposed network as discussed with the Client. The Client or a designated representative of the Client will be responsible for communicating with the Agency and its team throughout the process spanning from the beginning to the finalization of the process.


FULL PAYMENT is due upon receipt of invoice. If a deposit is used, it will be 50% of the FULL PAYMENT and the deposit is COMPLETELY NON REFUNDABLE. Deposits are used to secure the deal, program, service offered. All transactions are finalized and/or approved by TV Interview Masters prior to any services being provided. If the Client is an LLC, Corporation, LLP, or other entity, then the individuals signing this Agreement hereby agree to, jointly and severally as applicable, personally guarantee the payment and collection of all fees and costs payable under this Agreement, on behalf of said entity.

Refund Policy

All transactions and sales are final, and NO REFUNDS, CREDITS OR CANCELATIONS will be provided. Additionally, you waive any rights to charge-back your purchase with your credit processor. You will be entitled to a refund in accordance with our money back guarantee ONLY if TV Interview Masters fails to provide the TV interview, booked and scheduled. However, the process only begins upon receiving the FULL INVOICED AMOUNT (deposits only secure the deal, program, service and are COMPLETLY NON REFUNDABLE . 

Disclaimer. This is a marketing/public relations service. TV Interview Masters cannot and does not promise or guarantee any level of earnings or specific results from this service. Levels of success vary and cannot be replicated as a ‘One Size Fits All’ as these results are dependent on the individual, their product, and other important factors. It is the responsibility of the Client to use this service however they wish to promote themselves, their business or service. Due to availability, scheduling, and newsworthiness, you understand that the scheduled show, network, date and/or time, may be changed from the initially scheduled network, show, date and/or time, which may have been initially promoted or advertised. TV Interview Masters reserves all rights to schedule the TV interview with the show, network, based on the client needs, availability of inventory and budget. TV Interview Masters reserves the right to make changes without notice. However, we will do our best to notify you if any such changes are necessary. If a change to a scheduled interview is necessary, the deliverable has been fulfilled to the client and the refund policy is not valid.THE